Sturgeon Creek Voyager Experience


The Voyageur Experience was born of Caldwell First Nation's belief that there is great power in people coming together to share ideas and culture. You're invited to join in that conviction on a personal eco-tour as you guide your canoe to discover the bountiful species of wildlife with great meaning to Indigenous people.

This self-guided, 2+ hour journey along the shores of Sturgeon Creek begins with your rental of a variety of canoes or kayaks. Each boat comes with paddles, lifejackets and Your ticket includes a waterproof map, clearly marking points of interest related to the many species you'll encounter. Reproduced from a hand-illustrated design, this collector's item is yours to keep!

Along for your adventure is a special, easy-to-carry audio device. (Listen with the supplied headphones or use your own.) While this must be returned at the end of your trip, you'll never forget what you hear along the way. Enriching your voyage are the voices of members of Caldwell First Nation, who will share with you the stories of 20 unique plant, animal and insect species — including the names of each in Anishinaabemowin, the "original people's language."

The Voyageur Experience is your chance to connect with nature by travelling where the "People of the Lake" first navigated the waterways and shared with each other. Along the way, we hope you'll gain new respect for the air, waters, lands and resources which Caldwell First Nation is dedicated to use, preserve and protect.

$30 - $99
Per Person
3+ hours

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Point Pelee
Our Land

Point Pelee and Pelee Island are the heart of our ancestral territory. Caldwell First Nation will exercise its responsibility to use, possess and protect the air, waters, lands and resources as it has from time immemorial. According to customs, the People continue to work in harmony with Mother Earth to preserve, protect, harvest, hunt and fish from the wealth of her resources.

That respect continues today.

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