Three Fires a Culinary Experience

Three fires

Billy Alexander is one of Canada’s top Indigenous Chefs, specializing in highlighting the history and cultural significance of indigenous cuisine.

Three Fires – and Indigenous Culinary Experience is a 4-hour, hands-on event that provides the guest an opportunity to dive into indigenous culture through an interactive culinary cooking class while having meaningful discussion about food, culture and community.

Our experience begins with a warm beverage where guests are encouraged to guess the traditional ingredients through taste, smell & sight. The group is then led through traditional prayer and smudge to connect with the creator and pay respect for the food, the land and to each other. From there, everyone will partake in groups of 2 where the culinary cooking class begins. This intimate event allows 1:1 time with the chef where the traditional stories and culture behind the dish are introduced. Guests will bundle up for an outdoor surprise that takes them straight to Caldwell’s Traditional Lands. Once back inside, guests will enjoy their meal and have meaningful conversation with the Chef about tradition, stories, food sovereignty and more!

Chef Alexander “believes the land has always been our original grocery store that we as Indigenous peoples have had a deep-seated & respectful relationship with. It's not a choice, it's who we are. Food is the most powerful conduit to sharing culture and breaking down barriers of understanding”.

Let Chef Billy Alexander guide you through this diverse indigenous culinary experience at Point Pelee National Park and learn the spirit of First Nation cuisine.

Per Person
4 hours
Point Pelee
Our Land

Point Pelee and Pelee Island are the heart of our ancestral territory. Caldwell First Nation will exercise its responsibility to use, possess and protect the air, waters, lands and resources as it has from time immemorial. According to customs, the People continue to work in harmony with Mother Earth to preserve, protect, harvest, hunt and fish from the wealth of her resources.

That respect continues today.

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